• Solution Design
    We design farm technology solutions based on your operational farming requirements. This can range from pure livestock operations through mixed operations like grain and livestock to grain only operations or outdoor vegetable growers.
  • Quality Installations
    Our Service Partners install solutions based on our plans and standards and we make sure that installations are fit for the harshest farming conditions. We also provide project follow-up and support, including acceptance testing. Because all our solutions come with a Service Level Agreement the installation project hands over the finished installation to our Service and Support Centre.

  • Operational Support
    Our Service Level Agreement provides Operational Support and Maintenance as a standard part of our delivery. We ensure that you get the best quality support you need to avoid interruptions and having to deal with IT and network issues.
    • Remote Monitoring and Updates 
    • Local Service Partners
    • Services adapted to your level of operation.
    • Includes all local network systems and Farm Servers.
    • Paddock Stations and Weather Stations.
    • Control and Monitoring systems.