• Origo.farm Dashboard
    Provides an easy to use operational dashboard on any device. It is user friendly and designed to be easily adapted to your specific requirements. Everything in one place.

  • Origo.farm Farm Hub
    You will immediately start to save costs when using our Farm Hub because you are storing and retrieving information locally instead of using Internet capacity where possible. If your farm business has access to unlimited data or a agriculture enterprise network, an Origo.farm Cloud server may be the right solution. The Origo Farm Hub is the “Brain” of your Farm IT System.

  • Integrate your existing systems
    We support a range of your existing systems, e.g. solar driven pumps, bins and silos, fuel and fertiliser tanks, electric fencing systems and engines for pumps.

  • Origo.farm Paddock Station
    Designed to observe and monitor the micro climate and environmental conditions important for your farming operation. Our system enables you to store all your data on your Farm Hub which then provides a full history of data from your paddocks and operations.

  • Origo.farm Control Station
    Designed to both control and monitor equipment on your farm. You can monitor electric fences, livestock RFID and control water flow and water levels in watering system remotely.

  • Origo.farm Camera Systems
    We provide ruggedised cameras ranging from high definition image to basic video sensor systems to provide safety and operational awareness. Our Crop&Stock camera provide time lapse to ensure your situational awareness.