FARM Connectivity is the Foundation

Internet connectivity

  • Utilising the available Internet options in rural areas is an important piece of a complete solution. Options for connectivity vary and can combine available services into the best possible and reliable solution.
  • Available options for connectivity may include a combination of:

    - NBN Fixed Wireless, NBN Fibre and NBN Sky Muster.
    - DSL, Cable and Fixed Wireless Retail Services Providers
    - Mobile (3G/4G/4GX) Internet Services.

On-Farm Connectivity

  • Ensuring that your Internet connectivity is where you, your family or your farm employees are.
  • Ensuring that you have got access to the information and tools necessary to run your farm efficiently, be it a tool on the Internet or on your Farm Hub.
  • This is your autonomous network that stretches out beyond the inside of the house to the areas where you need it:  Sheds, Yards, Workshops, Feed-lots and even to the Paddocks if required.
  • We can also create connectivity between different parts of your farm or create an Enterprise network.