Mobile Calling on Wifi

Make mobile phone calls on Wifi

This means that where there is Wifi coverage on your farm, you can make mobile calls as if you are on the mobile network. It is completely transparent and after it is enabled on your handset it is completely the same as calling from anywhere else.

You need a reasonable up-to-date mobile phone and not all Smart phones are supporting this functionality yet as it is dependent on your handset and operator.

We will design the Wifi network with this in mind if you want to be able to do mobile phone calls from your Wireless Local Area Network. This to make sure that we are covering 'black and grey spots' on farm and utilising the public mobile network where possible.

  • Outdoor Wifi covering yards, feed lots, paddocks.
  • Indoor Wifi
  • Paddock Wifi in combination with Farm Machine and Wifi on Utes and other vehicles.

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