Paddock Stations


The Origo Paddock Station is designed to observe and monitor the micro climate and environmental conditions important for your farming operation. Our system enables you to store all your data on your Farm Server which then provides a full history of data from your paddocks.

  • Uses Open Source Electronics - the Origo Controllino Device
  • Wifi or Mobile Connectivity
  • We provide a full set of sensors specific to your operational requirements
  • See a selection of our sensors below - sensor examples include:
    • Rain bucket
    • Temperature and Humidity on 3 levels - 0m, 3m and 6m
    • Wind direction and Speed - e.g. for spraying
    • Soil Moisture examples:
      • 2 x Soil moisture Probes Decagon GS-3 Soil Moisture, Temperature and Salinity
      • Sentek Drill & Drop 900mm soil moisture every 100mm.
      • Other Sentek and Decagon probes can be used as well as any other probes providing specification of data and communications is available.
  • Paddock Stations can be expanded to be Control Stations - See Origo Control Stations

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  • Davis Sensors

  • Sentek Sensors

  • Decagon Sensors

  • More Sensors

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The Origo Paddock Station is based on Open Source technology from Controllino, for further details on generic Controllino Devices, please go to

Origo sources sensors and probes directly from the manufacturer/distributor or cheapest sales channel. We are not using expensive proprietary data loggers or electronics.

The same Origo Controllino Device is also used for control of e.g. fans, motors, engines, valves etc. Origo farm data is going directly to your farm server, Large farm enterprises may use their own private cloud server for multiple farms across regions.

paddock station features

Davis Sensors and Probes

Sensors from Davis Instruments provide good quality tested sensors. For further details on Davis please see the Davis Instruments Web Site.

davis sensors

Sentek is an Australian maker of quality sensors, especially known for the development of soil moisture sensors. For full selection of sensors please see the Sentek web site.

sentek sensors

Probes and Sensors for a variety of uses, for full information click this link. Dryland and irrigated agriculture, everything from soil profiles to ground water, US Made. Examples are:

  • Soils – Soil status and moisture
  • Canopy – Plant status and health
  • Hydrology – e.g. water quality and ground water levels
  • Thermal – in fluids and porous materials

decagon sensors

Origo can provide automated monitoring solutions for a variety of farming activities and operations.

origo other sensors

Standard Warranty - 12 Month
Extended Warranty - Paid 24 Month
Custom - Preventative

Contact us for further discussion, please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.