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You will immediately start to save cost when using a Farm server as you are storing and retrieving information locally in stead of using Internet capacity, if your farm business has access to unlimited data or a agriculture enterprise network, an Origo Farm Cloud server may be the right solution. The Origo Farm server is the “Brain” of a Farm IT System.

  • Farm Server and network equipment in server rack in farm office
  • File Server storage of documents, yield maps etc.
  • Private Farm Cloud
  • Low cost and fast as it is not transmitting data over the Internet
  • Simple storage and access to farm data on-farm
  • Farm Away VPN - Connect Back to Farm from the Internet while travelling
  • Secure and encrypted
  • See everything on your farm server and network
  • Provides Dashboards for Tablets, Smartphones and PCs.
  • Automated Backup
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

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The Origo Farm server comes in different sizes and capacities depending on your requirements.


farm server

On-farm server integrated in your own Wireless Local Area Network.

  • Farm Server Mini - Small Separate unit. Can be placed in e.g. workshop environment, as long as it is not placed in direct sunlight.
  • Farm Server Midi - Computer rack server unit. Comes with rack and UPS. Placed in Farm office.
  • Farm Server Enterprise - Computer rack server unit. For Farm Office computer/server room.

Farm Cloud Server is ideal where connectivity is not a big issue or where local requirements are less demanding

  • Farm Cloud Server Mini - Small number of Paddock stations and Farm Cloud Document store.
  • Farm Cloud Server Midi - Mid to large Farm operations.
  • Farm Cloud Server Enterprise - Large Multi region or state farm enterprises.