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The Origo Control Station is designed to both control and monitor equipment on your farm. For instance you can monitor and control water flow and water levels in a livestock watering system remotely. This can be combined with other elements like cameras. Another example is irrigation systems. Origo control systems are all implemented on farm and do not rely on Internet connections, cloud and mobile networks to operate. However, if you want to use mobile connectivity this is completely up to you and depending on your operational requirements.

  • Using Origo Controllino Device - Open Source Electronics.
  • Wifi or Mobile Connectivity
  • We provide a full set of sensors specific to your operational requirements, control example:
    • Diesel Water Pumps, controlling solenoids and monitoring engine levels (e.g. water pressure, temp, oil pressure, fuel)
    • Monitoring water flow and tank levels.
    • Power Drive with Electric Pump. Controlling pump motor through AC Drive and monitoring water pressure, power usage and volts.

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The Origo Control Station is based on Open Source technology from Controllino, for further details on generic Controllino Devices, please go to

Origo sources controls and sensors directly from the manufacturer/distributor or cheapest sales channel.

paddock station features

Origo can provide a variety of agriculture control and solutions for remote control and automation.

origo controls

Origo can provide automated monitoring solutions for a variety of farming activities and operations.

Standard Warranty - 12 Month
Extended Warranty - Paid 24 Month
Custom - Preventative

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